Thursday, December 18, 2014

Get Your Santa On!

I need to apologize in advance, I saw this card while I was stuck doing nothing but sitting on the couch all day recovering from my car accident. When I see a card or project I want to make I take a screen shot of it and that automatically saves it to my desktop so that I can find it again when I have time to work on something. I did not notice when saving this one but there is no watermark on the photo so I can not give credit or link back to the blog where it was posted. 
If this is your card, please comment so I can link to you! 

I copied the card almost exactly. I am sure some of my measurements and things for some of the paper sizes are not quite the same and she had taken a white gel pen and done some additional details as well, but I thought they were cute just like this. I had a girl win some free cards from me and these are what I made to send to her. I hope she liked them as much as I liked making them. 

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Elf on the Shelf

I don't know about your house but mine has been taken over by an Elf. Our elf Twinkle, does not get into too many crazy things or make many messes but does bring some little prizes and hide in some sometimes odd places.  Many people do a December Daily album, and I had planned to do one this year also. Seeing how it's Dec 16 and I have NOTHING in my album yet for December it will probably not be started until Jan. I have however taken pictures pretty much every day to add to it. Since I take pictures of Twinkle also I was going to include them in my December Daily,  but I am thinking about making an album just about the ELF!   Something along the lines of "The Adventures of Twinkle the Elf" and then I can add to it each year or do  a separate one for next year.  I think my kids will love looking back on these albums and remembering all the things the elf done over the years.

Only picture of Twinkle still on my phone, lol. 

Stampin' Up! has everything you need to complete your Elf album. 
 You obviously do not NEED everything below, just pick your album size, 12x12 or 6x8, add any stamps, papers or Project life items you like and get started. It is SOOO SIMPLE to scrapbook this way! If you aren't sure how and would like to see it in person, contact me. I will be holding Project Life classes every month starting in January. 

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Workspace Wednesday and new Weekly Deals.

Last week I showed you my wine cart turned big shot station. This week I will show you my project life storage. 

For my birthday this year, I received an awesome library card catalog. I have always wanted one of these and never really had anything planned for it but just wanted it. Well when I saw it for sale, I knew exactly what I would do with it! It is PERFECT for project life. Well, maybe not completely perfect but I am happy with it. 

I showed the card catalog on here when I first got it with how some of the cards fit in this post. But it was still sitting in my living room while my scrapbook room was being remodeled. 

My room was still not completed when they took this down to the basement for me so excuse the un-sanded drywall and things.  

If you saw the original post you know it had more drawers than this picture. That's because it was in 2 halves. I guess it was more like 4. The two sections of drawers, the pull outs then the top piece were all different pieces. Thank God they were, or it would have been too heavy even for my strong boys to get downstairs! 

I have the bottom section, the pull outs and the top as one piece and I need to make new labels for the drawers but they hold my project life kits. Or most of them anyway. 

You can see they little bars that run through that would have held all the card catalog cards in the drawers so they could not be removed have been taken out and the silver push bars are still there and slide so I can adjust them to how ever big of a card stash I have in that drawer. The small cards fit great and I just put the 4x6 ones in the back of the drawer. I can pull out just the drawer I want to use of flip through any of them every easily. 

These pull outs make great additional workspace when I am working on my pages. 

This is the other half. I have it sitting on the ledge in my basement on the other wall by my desk. The drawers hold more PL cards and stamps I just need to label them. And my punches fit on top.  The boards under neath were to give it a little height so when pulling out the bottom drawers they would not hit my desk. Those are temporary and will cut to fit soon. The shelf above the card catalog with the boxes on it is part of a hutch that belongs on my desk. I will get to that next week. 

Now for this weeks Stampin' Up! Weekly Deals! 

For those of you who love Project Life, there are wooden elements and some digital downloads that work great for December Daily projects!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Wine and Stamping?

What does wine have to do with stamping or scrapbooking? Nothing really, unless you happen to like to drink a glass while crafting, but that's not what I am getting at.  I have a tendency to see something and think "oh, I can use that!!!" but then it just sits around and I never get to it, or it doesn't work out quite like I thought it would.  But someone on a local facebook group posted this picture for sale:

My first thought was this would make a great big shot station for my classes!! So I got it.  I did use it and I even used it for the reason I bought it. It houses my big shot very nicely.  Before this I had my big shot on an old microwave stand that stood about waist high and my dies, etc were in some little plastic pull out drawers sitting next to it. I had to get up and cross the room to use the big shot or usually just brought it and put it on my table where there wasn't really room for it.  This is perfect height when I am sitting at my desk and sits behind me so I can just spin around, use the big shot and get back to work! 

(excuse the messy drywall behind, these were taken while my room was starting to be redone)

My big shot sits nicely on top, my framelits and cutting pads fit in the spot on top with it for easy access. 
My embossing folders are in the wine bottle slots, 
 And my newer stamps are in the bottom. 

The only problem with it is..... I can't use it for my classes like I had originally thought because it is too heavy to bring up the stairs!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Curly Paper Wreath

    So these beautiful wreaths have been around awhile, but I just never got around to making one. Well since they don't involve many supplies and I can do it sitting here recovering, I thought I may as well give it a go.  

     I had actually bought a wreath to do this over the summer with some pretty floral paper. However before I could get it done, the wreath was taken by the kids and destroyed.  They were about $5 at Walmart when I bought that one, but the one I used for my wreath was a tad bit smaller but came from Dollar Tree!  I think they only have these this time of year because I have looked for them before without success. 

   The paper I used was candelight Christmas which is retired but it was the only Christmas paper the kids could happen to find in my scrapbook room so that's what I went with.  It will be nice when I can finally get back downstairs and play again. 

  There are directions and videos all over the internet for these so I won't go into great detail but basically start with a styrofoam wreath base. (The hard rounded kind, not the ones that crumble easy.) Get a pack of dsp, whatever colors you like, then cut into strips. I cut mine at 3/4 inch, I have seen some do them in 1/2 or even 1.  I thought 1 inch looked too wide but 3/4 seems to be nice. Then while watching tv, curl the strips. Mine did not curl easy with a bone folder, but they did curl around a pen nicely. I curled each end towards the middle, alternating strips so some had one design showing and the rest of the pile had the other side of the paper out. Then insert straight pins in the middle of each strip and push into the wreath. 

The online extravaganza is still happening! Have you shopped yet? Some of the deals have sold out fast! I think the blendabilities only last an hour or so! 

Click the picture to see all the deals or you can see them from my store. 

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Online Extravaganza!

Stampin' Up! is not having a Black Friday sale, they are having sales the entire week! There are doorbusters for Monday and Tuesday, and products 20-50% off!

Click the picture to get the entire PDF!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Altered Legal pads/journals

So I have not been able to make ANYTHING in almost a month.  It has been really bothering me too, I had to cancel card classes I had planned, and I was unable to attend craft shows for this month because of being in a horrible car accident last month. It has left me unable to get around very well and since all my craft things are in my room downstairs, I have been very bored! The one thing it has done is give me many hours to sit and browse online. So my to do list of projects is even longer than ever.  I  had some classes last month and people that won prizes so I HAD to get them done somehow. My kids had to take their phones to my room and use facetime to look around as my eyes and gather things to bring up for me. After probably 2 dozen trips back and forth to find things, I think they are ready to kill me, but I did get a few altered journals/legal pads made today!!!

This blog had a very cute card and I wanted to play with those framelits since they came out so I thought it would be perfect for these journals!

I ended up making 3 of these with this design. You can see the twine bows are not all on at the time of the photo. I also don't have the matching pens made yet because no matter how good of directions I gave, the kids were unable to find them. I just bought 6 packs of RSVP pens at the beginning of last month so I know they are there but I guess when my son goes to the store he will have to get more since they can't seem to find them.  You can get all the supplies to create this project below. 

**The red star dsp going up the side of the front is a retired paper**

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